‘in the hands of artists’ (2007)


this here is a poorly photographed painting/illustration (30 x 30 canvas) that i made for an EA Games Competition in the spring of 2007. the goal of said competition was to reimagine The Sims in our own visual vocabulary in an exhibit called, “The Sims: In the Hands of Artists.”

as luck would have it, i actually received 2nd place in the Open Category (don’t ask me what that actually means). you can see an article about the event along with an embarrassing flattering picture of myself here (along with the Chair of the Illustration Department, Steven Guarnaccia) with my over sized check, smiling awkwardly and standing proudly in front of my work. it was a good night and i was grateful for the free wine.

[acrylic + bic pen + mixed media on canvas]


p.s. and yes, i still have said over sized check, rolled up and tucked away in a drawer in my studio. it’s not every day you get an over sized check, right?


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Filed under design, illustration (both acrylic and oilt)

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