i know, i know, i promised no more horse posts but this one is relevant. this was a pastel drawing/rendering i made in 2006. i am only posting this on the home page because when i set out to make this piece, i really had nothing in mind. it was quite late at night (think 3am) in my new york apartment (i’ve suffered from insomnia off and on, i’ve been known to rearrange furniture at 4 in the morning just because i felt like it) and i wanted to use my box of pastels. i didn’t really have any suitable paper to use so i took down a thai take out menu from the fridge and got to work. a couple of hours later, Pferdy came to life. it’s one of my favorite pieces and i think i ought to use take out menus more often as drawing surfaces.

[pastel on take out menu]




Filed under illustration (both acrylic and oilt)

2 responses to “pferdy

  1. linda tonn

    one of mine too – I’m looking at right now on my wall:)

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