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i started (religiously) keeping a sketchbook during my sophomore year of college. these are only a handful of covers from the sketchbooks i have kept; all of which are named ‘love.’ i will post some entries along the way, but i really wanted to stress the fact that sketchbooks are really quite important. i am well aware of the fact that many people do not enjoy sketchbooks and refuse to work in them because it feels unnatural and what have you. but let me say this: a sketchbook is almost like a girlfriend or a boyfriend (stay with me here, i’m trying to make an analogy). when you visit your favorite art store and pick up a sketchbook, there should be chemistry. i kid you not, you should feel a certain draw towards these blank bound pages; a certain je ne sais quoi (yep, that’s right, i took eight years of french).

in my opinion, one should be incredibly picky about their sketchbooks and ONLY purchase the one(s) that sing to the them. am i getting my point across, yet? in any case. after graduating Parsons, i took a bit of a sketchbook hiatus only to return to them with more vigor and lust than i had once felt before. perhaps i am crazy, but i have met a (growing) handful of people who feel the same way. i rest my case. go find your soul mate at your local art store. go on now, why are you still reading this?



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