sx-70 No. 1

i devote this post to my SX-70 Polaroid Camera. you will find many more Polaroid images on my Polaroid page (not to state the obvious or anything), but this is the first picture i ever took with my 1970-something-ebay-purchased camera and it is still, to this day, one of my favorites. the sx-70 is a work of art – in general, yes – but also in the broad spectrum of camera design. the design of this camera was beyond innovative, it was something the world of photography had never seen before when it was first introduced. the one that i purchased on e-bay was in mint condition and although they are sensitive cameras (light wise), they are also hardy and reliable. i can certainly attest to the hardy factor because my giant horse actually stepped on it (after dropping it) when i was trying to take a picture of him and aside from a few scratches on the leather lining, the camera’s performance held steady (if you haven’t gathered this already, i am a major klutz).

if you are ever interested in purchasing such a beautiful piece of equipment rest assured that you can still find film for it. about a month after this camera arrived at my new york doorstep (er, hallway-where-it-could-have-very-likely-been-stolen) i was notified that the film for this particular camera had been discontinued. i was devastated, to say the very least, but then, within weeks after my purchase and extensive googling (that’s a verb, right?) – i found out that the film was going to come back into production because there was such an uprise over its discontinuation. which pretty much means that anyone who owns an sx-70 rocks, right?

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a little update:

so, back in March of 2007 when i was all devastated and such, i found a Brooklyn based dude named Mike who ran a website called Lord of the Lens (supplying everything and anything polaroid related) – and as it turns it – (it’s been a while since I purchased film since it’s pretty pricey) – they are out of business. or i think they are. his site seems to no longer exist and if this is the case, i’m going to be devastated all over again. you can’t buy film from e-bay! 90% of the time it’s expired! for shame, what am i going to do? i’m hoping he just changed his domain name. how could he do this to me? i’ll keep you posted. *sigh*

[sx-70 film blend]



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