cross country

(north dakota)



as i mentioned in a much previous post, i moved from New York City back to Seattle after finishing school. i can’t wait to move back to New York because it just so happens it is the best place ever, but i had my reasons for moving ‘home.’ so i suppose i had the option to fly home, but when you have a lot of crap carefully chosen belongings, you should really consider driving.

i rented the smallest u-haul truck i could and squeezed all of my stuff into the back of it. and i do mean squeeze. on june 1st, 2007 i began my trip across the country with a map, a couple of cameras, and my turtle (yeah, i have a turtle, i’ll explain that later – but she stayed in a cardboard box by day and motel bathtubs by night – she was a real trooper).

these are just a few sx-70 Polaroids from my first trip across the country (i’ve done it a few times since, more on that later as well). if you’ve never driven across the country – do it. there’s nothing quite like seeing America from the road and crossing state lines and entering completely contrasting landscapes as you do so. seriously, go find an excuse to travel across the country.

[sx-70 film blend]



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