poster (luv)

truth: i made this while i was still in school. why share it here some three years later? well, the story isn’t that long or interesting, but i’ll tell it anyway. the day this poster was due, i had pulled an all nighter drawing and coloring it by hand. pulling an all nighter was not uncommon at school. i probably pulled at least one a week (most of the time – i’m not exaggerating – i think i was considered an ‘over achiever’), but i pulled them because i was and still am a professional procrastinator.

in any case, after this all nighter, for the first and only time in my ‘career’ at Parsons, i slept through class. in my defense, the class began at 9:00am. i lived a 20 minute walk away. and i tried to catch some sleep starting at around 8:00am. now, you don’t just SLEEP THROUGH class at Parsons. for one: you are only allowed 2 absences per class (on the third you are considered for a FAIL and on the fourth, you might as well just consider yourself a good-for-nothing) & for two: if you do decide to use one of your precious absences, you don’t use it on the day a project is DUE. that is a big fat NO NO.

to my memory, this was the first absence i used up in that particular class – so when i came to class the following week (with my tail sheepishly tucked between my legs), my teacher was the only one to see this piece and she barely even gave it a glance. i’d lost a night’s sleep over this! so, posting it here is me not standing for her ‘glance.’ i may be three years too late, but so be it.

so, no, this is not an actual poster for the band ‘Architecture in Helsinki,’ but i at least wanted more than one person to ‘glance’ at what cost me a night’s worth of sleep. selfish? perhaps. understandable? absolutely.

[pen + colored pencil + sharpie on watercolor paper]



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