blue, pig.

so begins my venture into band photography, posters, album art, and role as graphic designer and groupie for (more on the ‘groupie’ thing later) local bands. these pictures were taken for my friend Katie’s band, ‘Blue, Pig.’ this band was formed in 2008. it no longer technically exists, except for on MySpace really. regardless, i was asked to take some band photos for them. a few of these were used for some promo stuff and the rest have remained neglected and forgotten on my hard drive – so is the fate of so many photographs – tear, sniffle, sigh.

i took the first four on my Nikon and the last two on my sx-70 outside of a motel off Highway 99/Aurora – a road known for being rundown, unsafe (depending on where you are), and a staple roadway in seattle. members include(d) are Katie, her brother Rich, and friend Bart.

let me take this opportunity to thank the local bands of Seattle who have allowed me to be their photographer and, cough, groupie. it’s opened a lot of doors for me and the challenges of band photography is larger than i had once imagined, i’ve learned a great deal and you’ll see a whole lot more band related posts to come.

[35mm film + nikon] [polaroid sx-70 film blend + chocolate blend]


p.s. i haven’t heard back from my polaroid film supplier, Mike. it’s looking very likely that he is no longer in business. i’ve exhausted my resources only to find small amounts of cheap expired film or small amounts of overpriced (70+$!) non expired film available – i will get to the bottom of this. as i told a friend, abandoning my polaroid(s) at this point would make me feel like a neglectful parent, abandoning my child for something cheaper and easier – like a doll made of plastic.


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