i love typography. i really do. i have many books that examine the history and evolution of typography. this is just one simple sample from a notebook of lined paper i used to draw in during my more boring classes in school (miscellaneous history and english classes – you know, the type of classes that require you to make presentations and write papers – i did not go to art school to write papers). so, i would draw pictures and type during those classes. there really was nothing better to do.

that said, you’ll see a lot of hand drawn typography throughout my work. i’m not sure why exactly i have always felt the need to interject words into my pictures. i fought it for some while until a great teacher of mine (and brilliant illustrator) named George Bates encouraged me to run with it – so, i have – thanks, George (if you visit his site, you’ll see why he, of all people, would encourage my i-must-write-words inclination).

[bic pen on lined paper]



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Filed under design, illustration (both acrylic and oilt)

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