5 x 7 doodles / maps / too much spare time

these are “personal pieces?” i have recently become obsessed enamored with drawing on these 5×7 flash cards. much of this is due to the fact that i have, for the past 3.5 weeks been on house arrest bed rest due to a back injury. fortunately, i’d recently purchased some sharpies and, well, i’ve made several of these doodles which i would prefer to call maps, but let’s not get too picky or specific, shall we?

the above ‘attached’ doodles (notice the unaligned seam?) were put together because i was in need of a mouse pad. i have to admit, 5×7 flash cards, when adhered together, make a more than decent mouse pad. don’t mind the coffee stain, i may or may not have spilled my mug of coffee on my keyboard (don’t worry, the keyboard is fine, it took the flood like a real champ).

[sharpie on flashcards]



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Filed under design, illustration (both acrylic and oilt)

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