i’ve been listening to a lot of the ‘This American Life’ podcast on NPR. i have already told you i’ve been bed ridden, what did you expect me to do? in any case, one story in particular caught my attention. the story of a Brahma Bull named Chance.

to make a long story short, this beloved family bull (who was actually quite the celebrity – as far as bulls are concerned) passed away. in an effort to “bring him back to life,” the mourning family not only had him taxidermied (and placed in their front yard under his ‘favorite’ tree), they also elected to have him cloned. and the best part? the cloned Chance was renamed ‘Second Chance’ – clever, eh? that’s all i can say to justify explain this drawing i did in my moleskin (the single best sketchbook ever). did i also mention i was on pain killers and muscle relaxants at the time i drew this? regardless, the podcast is still worth listening to.

[pen + colored pencil in my (beloved) moleskin]



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