amtrak No. 1

i just arrived back home to Seattle, WA after ten days away. my best friend, Katie, moved to New York City on March 1st. we departed, by train on february 26th. it took us three nights (two in coach and one in a sleeper) and almost four days to get there. the trip was amazing. i’ve driven a car across the country and recommend that experience to anyone – but a train – i recommend it more. seriously. you meet the most amazing people (i have since deemed them ‘train people’), you see the country’s landscape (not highway-scape), and the train rocks you to sleep. i slept like a baby while i was on board. and if you plan on moving a long distance, but can’t afford the obscenely high costs of a u-haul truck – take the train, each passenger can bring four 50 lb bags ! it was insanely cheap and beyond beautiful and you know that stressful feeling you get when you enter an airport or sit in a terminal? none of that is there. there’s no security check through or people demanding you to remove your belt and shoes. you just give them your bags, board the train, and wait for them to announce breakfast/lunch/dinner.

my pictures will be ready for pick up in forty minutes. i’m so excited! i do have one piece of bad news though: my Nikon 35 mm broke when I was in New York. i have to take it to the camera doctor this week, so.. please pray for a full recovery.



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