the great white buffalo

i feel so silly. i haven’t even introduced you to The Great White Buffalo. i’m sorry you haven’t met sooner because it is a most magnificent thing:

are you with me on this? on how awesome this is? we (a few friends and i) found this when we were walking around a neighborhood in seattle. we had decided to take this little side street we’d never even noticed before and there it was.

this beauty (or beast, depending on how you feel about it) was just parked there. i was tempted to knock on the door to the house and force the owner of this hog to tell me its story. and then i was even more tempted to just jump into the driver’s seat and take off with it, so i could have it all to myself. my friends deterred me from doing all of the above, so i forced them to wait for me while i took pictures. winding the film slowly so as to make them wait even longer, i was being childish. i really wanted (and still do) The Great White Buffalo.

remember being a kid in a toy store? and you’d pick up a toy (in my case, it was usually a My Little Pony) and you’d ask your mom and/or dad for it? and when they said NO, you got a little more pleading and may have even whipped out a pair of puppy dog eyes? in general, i was not too difficult in toy stores, if I got the “NO, put that down” response – I’d listen. However, there were a few times where I’d have my heart set on some toy and it felt like if I didn’t bring this one tiny little toy home with me my life might, in fact, just end. well, that’s how i felt (and still do) about The Great White Buffalo. and i’ve never seen it again (trust me, i went looking for it). one day, we will be reunited, i just know it.

[nikon 35mm + color film]



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Filed under illustration (both acrylic and oilt)

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