good news Pt. 1

ok, i should have written this post a long while ago – but you know what? as I said previously, i’ve been a little busy and sometimes that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. it’s 2:04 am right now. i warned you i was burning the candle at both ends. so here goes (and i apologize in advance if this post is somewhat scrambled):

good news Pt 1. i have hereby been asked to be the full time artist & art director for a local Seattle band: Andrew Vait and The Eternal Fair. their music is strong and only getting stronger. they are getting quite a decent following in the area and i am stoked to be participating in such an endeavor. my first project involved LOGO design. they wanted some legitimate branding that they could use for posters, t-shirts, etc. so, I came up with two logos:

of course logo No. 2 took far longer than logo No. 1 (notice, logo No. 2 relates back to that darn circus tent i was rambling about a few weeks back…) and being the nature of the design beast the band chose logo No. 1 as their favorite. these things happen. these things not only happen, but they are expected to happen. i would have been surprised had things turned out any differently.

that said, logo No. 1 was printed onto some t-shirts just a week ago for their show at The Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Seattle:

none of this would have been possible without Mr. Jeremy Manley of Manley Music. he rocks. so does Andrew. so get on your desktop, laptop, iPhone, or what-have-you and “like” them or whatever it is you kids are doing these days to show your support for awesomeness.

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