toothpicks and scotch tape

[title of post] –> that is what i will require to keep my eyes from closing for the foreseeable future. when one’s to do list is not so much a list, but an accumulation of papers, scribbles, highlighter, sharpie, shorthand, and multiple pages.. it’s not good news for the part of your body that requires a little thing called sleep:

this is just a warning to you that i may make no sense for the next few days, i may be irrational and cynical, and i will most likely fall asleep on my keyboard again. it is currently 7:08am: i haven’t slept a wink and i’m due to be somewhere in four hours. i’m going to go catch some shut eye if i can, assuming that the damn birds don’t keep me awake with their obnoxious chirping. i’m so glad that they could fall asleep when the sun had set and could rise with it come morning. but seriously, those birds need to take it easy and sleep in every once in a while. good night or good morning, depending on which applies to you at the moment.



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