being professional & driving & what not

my business cards & my postcard sized business cards arrived on friday (not sure if they can be considered business cards if they are the size of a standard postcard..). as usual, the printer i used did a great job and i am totally satisfied with the results. a friend of mine even told me they look almost professional, which i find quite amusing.

i am leaving for San Francisco in the morning for the opening of the show at Kokoro Studio. one last visit to my favorite camera store in the morning and then i will be hitting the road. a stop in Portland to visit a dear friend and i’ll find a parking lot in Medford, OR to take a quick little nap (in the back of my car) before continuing on to my final destination. i have many people to see and many things to do and many pictures to take and many sketches to draw. i am stoked and tomorrow can’t come soon enough. it’s 2:30am. am heading to bed shortly, only just got “finished” getting all my stuff ready to go. i know that i’ll only be gone a few days, but there was an obscene amount of things that needed to be taken care of before my departure. you know how it goes..

here’s a shot i took of the san francisco fisherman’s wharf a few years back (think, 2006-ish). can’t wait to get some new pictures with my new camera (!!).

i’ll be m.i.a. until sunday or so. or not. we’ll see.

see ya on the flip side. xxx

[nikon 35 mm + black and white film]



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