fifty seven days and counting

that is how many days i have until i depart Seattle and arrive in the great city that is San Francisco. the term time flies has never meant more to me.

i traveled south to the fine city of SF for the fourth of July and while i was not too productive in my sketchbook(s), i did take some photographs that i’d really like to share ::

and that’s all folks. i have work to do, an apartment to pack, and a cat and a turtle to feed. i wish you all a very happy Thursday from Year of the Pig Studio.

[nikon 35 mm :: 400 ISO color film]




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45 responses to “fifty seven days and counting

  1. You captured some great perspective! Thanks for sharing.

  2. iveyl

    Found your article from FP.

    Great photos of San Fran, I’ve never been there myself but it looks like quite the place.

  3. Ha ha .. I love the San Fran Psycho stencil! Great.

  4. Great shots! I love San Francisco! I love Seattle, too! great perspective of the Golden Gate!

  5. thank you, all ! SF is a great city, highly recommend visiting it … apparently it’s best months are September & October – who knew ?! glad ya’ll found me on here ! I look forward to looking at your blogs/sites/whathaveyous!



  6. ahstorya

    funny, wordpress suggested your blog as I am moving to sf from new york in, well, about 57 days.

    • awww ! i lived in nyc for four years, still miss THAT city… but think SF will be a happy medium between the left and the right coasts… well happy packing and happy moving ! mayhaps our paths will cross in ‘Frisco !? are you moving there for work ?

  7. Thank you for sharing, the photo San Fran psycho caught my eye. I lived in the bay area for a short while. And i miss it a lot. Looks like you already left your heart there, as the song goes.

  8. Beautiful shots! I hope to make it there myself one day. You’ve got some serious talent! :)

  9. I really liked the way you shot the graffiti encrusted rock. Nice pics overall.

  10. These are beautiful. Pieces of San Fran that I haven’t seen before. I’m particularly a fan of the beach from above image…

  11. I especially like the shot of the bridge.

  12. Lindsay

    Ahh, color me jealous. I’d love to move there!

    – Lindsay

  13. Mamá Leche

    You have some really good photos here. It’s hard to take a unique shot of the Golden Gate Bridge, but you succeeded! When you get to the area, take a foray over to Richmond and take some photos of Pt. Molate, which is presently abandoned but will someday be a populate casino and lose its mystique.

    A basic image search on Google shows some photos of Pt. Molate, but they really don’t do it justice. If you’re looking for other suggestions for cool places to shoot, drop me a line.


    • thank you so much for the tip ! i will likely drop you a line once i’ve relocated … the pix don’t do it justice but i can certainly imagine how great it would look in person, LOVE it.. xx thanks again

  14. Enjoy Frisco! (but, of course, don’t call it frisco ;) I lived in CA for 6 years and had 7 moves while I was there (I couldn’t sit still!) I lived in hayes valley (SF) for a while and took a few chilly dips into Ocean Beach. Enjoy it and Godspeed on your move!

    • hahahaha yeah i know… I’ve already ‘slapped myself on the wrist’ for referring to SF as ‘Frisco’ :: i have a hard time sitting still, myself. i’ve been in the same place in Seattle for three years and feel like i might just suffocate… Hayes Valley is supposed to be very nice and I’ve already taken a dip into Ocean Beach –> chilly but! thank you for the kind words and honestly ? anything will feel warmer than the pacific ocean in Seattle… now THAT is chilly. xx

  15. Beautiful photography that you posted, I especially loved the first one with the fog, very cool! And, of course, the ‘San Fran Psycho’ one too.

  16. The Golden Gate photo – nice POV!

  17. Several of these shots are surreal, and I really appreciate that in a photography. Specifically speaking, I really like shot 2, 3, 5, and the last.

    Nice eye candy.


  18. great photos!! esp. the one of the golden gate bridge!

    thx for sharing~

  19. I want to movie to San Francisco after reading that post. Great pictures, really described the journey!

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  21. elmer

    I like the san franpsycho, the “shower” lampost and the fading bridge.

  22. I live in SF and am really in love with SF. Everyday, when I see the GGB, I say how pretty- whether it’s covered in thick fog or crystal clear. I really like your picture of the bridge. Checkout my blog for weekend guides! Welcome.

  23. Sunflowerdiva

    Gorgeous shots–the angles you got in the pictures are superb. Keep it up! :)

  24. Mr.Saeed

    The last picture of bridge was fantastic

  25. you have a really lovely perspective in these shots. Nicely done indeed :) I will certainly be back to have a read of your blog in the near future :)

  26. I really love the photographs, always post more :)

  27. My boyfriend lives in SanFrancisco. I can’t wait to visit. I have never been there. The “San Fran Psycho” is my favorite photo!! I want to go and look for it LoL (:

  28. Nice pics – Glad you got Freshly Pressed!

  29. iloveglam

    cool photos u’ve got here ;D
    interested to see the party,fashion & music scene in jakarta Indonesia pls check out my blog

  30. the last picture is great! I’ll be going to San Francisco this fall, it will be my first time there – very excited!

  31. Your photo very nice! Beatiful and interesting, I like it!

  32. Good Post! Seems like the clock is ticking. Look at it this way at least you still have a few more days to enjoy.

  33. sayitinasong

    Great shots and good luck with your move! I’ve only ever visited SF, but it is one of the most beautiful cities…

  34. thanks for the support ! appreciate all of the comments. sorry for going a bit M.I.A. of late… if you read my latest post, you’ll understand why. hope ya’ll are well and happy wordpressing !


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