cease & desist

roughly translated, this means :: stop whatever it is that you are doing and do not do it anymore.

easier said than done, i say.

i went shopping for wedding dresses today. no, not for me. for my manager. i went perusing around downtown with her and her friend, sallie. we had a great time. i even became so distracted by being in an actual department store that I bought myself a little blue dress. i have every intention of wearing it to her wedding in June. and i might even wear it to work tomorrow. i might even wear it three times a week because it fits me perfectly, it’s comfortable, and when was the last time i bought something not only pretty, but also completely impractical, for myself ? i can’t remember. that, in my opinion, is reason enough to wear it as much as possible.

like last week, this week has been a little rough. but for such different reasons. all that i really care about is the fact that i am still here and my heart continues to beat. so i can at least raise my glass to that.

i have no new drawings or anything art related to share with you. only this. this small, pathetic, insignificant post. but, i guess that’s better then nothing.

or at least that’s what i will tell myself.




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2 responses to “cease & desist

  1. jackie

    <3 <3 <3 you.

  2. windsong13

    it is not insignificant and you have a new (really new not vintage nor thrift?) dress and it’s blue and that’s a happy colour depending on the blue – perhaps your creativity could allow you to describe the blue for us please? a small post is infinitely better than no post xoxoxo

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