Q :: what is black, white, and red ?

A :: a penguin in a blender.

i learned that version of that joke over a decade ago. and i still love it.

i just submitted a painting to a gallery in North Beach. an eight by eight inch painting of a rose. per usual, in my haste to finish the piece, i completely forgot to take a picture of it. so, said picture will come soon. it’ll be featured at a gallery called ‘Modern Eden.’ owned and operated by two very talented artists, Kim & Bradley.

so, yesterday was Easter ! (duh). i’ve never really had a proper easter. sure, when i was a kid, we attempted to have easter egg hunts in our garden, but by the time my sister and i were ready to hunt these eggs, all i remember is seeing bits of tinfoil strewn across the garden because the crows in the surrounding area had found the chocolate eggs before we did. that really is my most memorable ‘easter egg hunt’ memory. and some may look back on this memory with sadness, but i find it to be nothing short of highly amusing.

i did this drawing last week. killing time in a coffee shop.

the weather in san francisco is completely unpredictable. we have cherry blossoms blooming. but yet. but yet.. we have rain. bone cold chilling weather. and then mid seventies sunshine. and then fog so thick it is not longer fog, but actually becomes rain. and to be honest ? i actually love how unpredictable the weather is. perhaps this is because i am have a spontaneous personality ? but i think it has a lot more to do with my time spent living in seattle, where the forecast almost always included rain. and if it didn’t, you still assumed that it did (and this assumption was more often than not accurate). a rainy morning in san francisco rarely means a rainy evening and vice versa. so the trees seem to respond accordingly, acting as if they know what is expected of them because of the certain season they are in. so cherry blossoms bloom. and fall to the ground. and i have the opportunity to draw them.

la vie en rose et la vie en couleur.

(staedtler fineliner in moleskin)




Filed under design, illustration (both acrylic and oilt)

6 responses to “Q :: what is black, white, and red ?

  1. oh how much I love your writings!

  2. Maggie

    I had elaborate Easter Egg Hunt fantasies as a child, which I should have blogged about this week. But somehow the other things that are going on right now (which are and will always be wholly unsuitable for blogging) blocked me from writing what might have been something hilarious about the power of the child’s imagination and the importance of those little square 60s photos, held in an album by lick-&-stick scalloped photo corners. Then again, how funny am I really?

  3. caley

    so appreciated your help on saturday. haiku-help is the best kind of help. and i will tune in on the regular, now that i see how whimsically awesome your work is. send love and water a t-shirt design. we would love love love it.

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