i am an artist. i also happen to work at an art supply store. it’s actually pretty handy. i love my job and receiving a special employee discount is merely a perk. but i know that regardless of whether i worked where i work now or if i were some random waitress waiting tables at a local cafe, all of my money would go into buying art supplies anyway. rent, food, and art supplies. that is my financial existence and although i live paycheck to paycheck, i am happy. i’d much rather be poor and happy than rich and unhappy. or even worse, alone.

it’s pretty awesome when you can turn to a fellow employee and exclaim that you are sincerely excited because you bought this container and you have plans to spend the evening chromatically organizing all of your pastels – and that fellow employee does not look at you (with disgust) like you are some being from another planet, but rather he actually jumps for joy and claps.. completely understanding why this activity would be exciting for me and worth looking forward to. hot d*mn i love my job ::

[pastels in box. photo courtesy of my iPhone.]



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