links (unrelated to sausages)

it’s HIGH time i add some links here. i know far too many talented friends and my not mentioning them is downright criminal ::

(in no particular order)

Devin McGrath // one of my best friends. one of the most talented people you could ever meet. he’s australian. his humor is dry, sharp, and dark. and he’s made me pee my pants on several occasions (true story).

Ignacio Hinojosa // one of my best friends. he’s from Madrid and likes to say things about “your face.” as in, i miss your face. his oil paintings put rembrandt to shame and his illustrations ? words cannot do them justice.

Christina Sheppard // my former new york roommate and also one of my best friends. her favorite colors are lime green and purple. she made up the dance move, “the pizza cutter.” describing her and her work as awesome is a major understatement. [website unavailable].

Amanda Harris // one of my dearest new york friends. she’s from long island, is a crazy talented print maker and illustrator, and has been known to make me laugh so hard that both cake and soup come out of my nose. [website unavailable].

Jackie Fleckenstein // one of my best friends. her talents in drawing and printmaking make me sick. in a good way. she’s dark, sarcastic, and far before charlie sheen coined the term, she = winning.

Ed Chow // one of my closest friends from new york. he’s into robots, kittens, and blood. you can usually find him sporting a pink stripe in his black hair while he’s making graphic illustrations on his computer that make us all turn green with envy.

George Harbeson // engaged to the Christina mentioned above. his conceptual skills are unparalleled. as are his drawing skills. he’s from texas. he likes to wear cowboy boots and he’s one of the most vulgar people i’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Gabe Tick // a close friend from new york. he’s charming, sweet, and uber talented. he has mastered computer programs that make me dizzy just thinking about and his work speaks for itself. he also happens to be one of the goofiest people i’ve ever met.

Maggie Brophy // i think i have only ever seen her wear black. her laugh is contagious. and her drawings are ridiculous. ridiculously stunning. she could probably draw an entirely lifelike portrait with her eyes closed.

Adam Mignanelli // a great friend of mine. he’s hilarious. he’s sweet. and he’s sarcastic as hell. and he can design the pants off of pretty much anyone i know. and lest i forget, he’s a damn fine cook.

Matt Mignanelli // adam’s brother. crazy talented painter who uses one hair brushes, people. i’m not sure where he finds the time or patience to do what he does, but he kicks major ass at it. and, like his brother, is a mean cook.

Jonathan Jay Lee // i call him jon jon. he’s from hong kong. he’s a comic master and one of the kindest people i’ve ever met. and he, like so many of my friends, loves the dark, bloody, and gory side of animation.

that’s the short list. i have so many more, but that’s a start and if you ask me, a damn fine start at that.



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