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3 responses to “contact

  1. OK…there are soooo many thinks I want!!! A. must have a copy of the “One Trick Pony” illustration, which I fondly dubbed the Hip Hop Horse!

    I also want a copy of the William Mist polariod…how many times have I seen him coming through the mist of my dreams just like that, you cannot imagine! I will frame it and hang it over my bed to invite him to visit frequently!

    Lastly…I want gig posters!!! Lots of ’em. Well…maybe just a few at a time. Have to budget here. But I do want to start with maybe three of them for school advertising. Also, what do you think the chances are of working me up an illustration for the Feel Good Pro-Am Jumper class that NWSAM is sponsoring for the April Jumper show? I wanna do some vinyl posters to hang ringside and also some kind of poster to give to each of the entries in the class.

    Call me to discuss all of the above and go over pricing, timelines….

    The priority would be the Pro-Am class stuff and then the gig posters.

    Great site btw and welcome to the world of business ownership…you will never regret it and you are going to be a PHENOM!

  2. I really like your website!! nice works…:)

  3. Dick

    Reality bites you in the ass and then you come back for a good ass kicking with out pause show them what your made of finger to the world so badass

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