my name is Jessi, with an ‘i.’ 

my parents started calling me Jessi(e) (over Jessica) at an early age because it rhymed so well with messy: Messy Jessi(e). i, for one, would be the last person to argue with this very deserved nickname. i have been making a mess since 1984, the year i entered this world.

in the sixth grade, i remember writing my name on the top of my paper during school. i wrote it the way i’d always written it: Jessie. but that day, something changed. i turned my No. 2 pencil around and used the pink stump to erase the ‘e.’ it took some time for people to remember to omit the ‘e.’

there are some people who i’ve known all my life who still spell my name with an ‘e,’ despite my small protests.

as you can see, i like manual cameras, big sweaters, headphones, and cigarettes.

i like a lot more than that, actually. you’ll just have to follow along in order to found out everything.

i was born in Germany, reared in Seattle, schooled in New York City, and now i live in Oakland with a cat i rescued and named Alaska.


2 responses to “about

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  2. Roderick Iverson

    Thanks for your help finding pens the other morning. I’d forgotten about Le Pen, forgotten how much I liked them. Thanks for the Darger mention—I always like to see things I haven’t seen before. And now I even know your name.

    all best,


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