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what gives ?

i modified, er polished, my piece for this show in June at a gallery called Modern Eden. it’s called “What Gives ?” it is comprised of a variety of mediums on an 8 x 10 wood panel. the sides are also painted (a sort of periwinkle sky blue). i scanned this image and it looks strangely cropped on here, though it is not in person. i like it. and i would love to, some day, actually see an elephant balance on a ball.

[acrylic, pen, and enamel on wood panel]



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lots of ink. and lots of cars (italiano).

so, i’ve made a lot of ink drawings in this past week. and by a lot i mean well over 50. closer to 70 perhaps. and to be honest ? once i started drawing these beautiful vintage italian cars, i just could not stop. i’m serious. it’s been a while since i’ve really used my hand and arm for drawing outside of photoshop :: sad, but true. drawing in photoshop is so superficial (not sure one could actually consider it drawing) :: not only because it’s a computer, but there’s that whole “control + z” thing (ya know, the undo option). this relates back to my distaste for digital cameras. but i will restrain myself from ranting about that topic..

this gig is not yet complete. consider the above just sketches. final(-ish?) sketches, but sketches none-the-less. i’ll explain the details once all is complete, but for now? just admire all those italian cars ! am thinking a tiled pattern of these various automobiles would be great for wallpaper, tiles, shower curtains, boxers (thank you, Ed), pillows, etc. i might just pursue this endeavor..

[liquid Carbon Black ‘Golden’ acrylic on paper]


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