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approval and denial

i taught my second private art lesson. and i am kind of, ok really, excited. the girl i am teaching is home-schooled and only thirteen years old … and although she’s taken some art classes in her life, she hasn’t had any ‘proper’ formal training. which is not to say i’m some master of the arts, but having received my degree from a fairly reputable art/design school – i think i have a little bit of, uh, clout? but seriously, more than anything, i love teaching. i love imparting my knowledge. it fuels my creative fire(s) to see someone else learn and improve due to something i have taught them. so yeah, monday mornings are pretty awesome. i am, officially, i think, a teacher. how cool is that ?!

it’s late. i am kneeling on my floor because my chair is currently situated in front of my easel which has a 24″ x 36″ oil painting on it. my fingers are, in fact, covered in oil paint and now my keyboard is as well – and i’m okay with that.

i get home from work feeling so tuckered out – so i am not entirely sure where i find the energy to paint or draw.. much less oil paint. if you know what oil painting entails, you’ll understand. it’s a commitment. i can’t just oil paint for sixty minutes and call it a night. i have to devote a good two, if not three, hours to this activity. it involves paint that will not dry for days (nay, weeks/months) and most of the materials that i use are highly toxic. a fan must run and at least one window must be open (only partially, though, because my cat thinks it’s ‘really cool’ to sit on the outside edge of the window sill and after my ‘flying cat’ incident, i take no risks when it comes to her and open windows).

i have tomorrow, er today, off. this means i can stay up until stupid hours. and by stupid i mean obnoxiously late. and obnoxiously late is when i work best. i’ve come to accept this and i have also come to the realization that nearly every artist that i know prefers to work into the wee hours of the morning when most ‘normal’ people are sleeping. i once spoke to an energy therapist about this – a friend, that is – and she informed me that when the sun goes down and most people return from work and the life outside dies down considerably, it is quite common that creatively inclined people suddenly feel inspired to work. she told me that only once the world outside (and its many distractions) die down can an artist truly focus on their craft(s). it’s nice to know i’m not alone in this because for a very long time i felt that i was.

if i had it my way ::

i would rise at 2pm

i’d spend an hour or two doing what needed to be done (errands, bills, grocery, gym, etc.)

by 5pm, i’d be home and would begin working – painting, drawing, designing, what have you-ing

by 2am/3am, i’d rest/break – likely by taking a walk around the neighborhood to clear my head

i’d return home, continue to work, and by 8am or so, i would begin getting ready for sleep – only to start all over again the next day.

one day, you know, when (not if) i win the lottery, i will bring this schedule to life.

until then, i guess i’ll say good night. and in terms of ‘approval and denial’ ? i keep getting these ridiculous spam comments on here. every once in a while they are legit, but for the most part – they are just absurd. absurd, but also highly amusing. amusing enough that i have considered ‘approving’ all of them (just so we can all marvel at the poor use of the english language), but i deny them because i don’t want to encourage more spam. maybe i’ll save them and share them with you one day. that might make for a good post.

and because we’re on the topic of spam, did i ever tell you i sculpted a horse’s head out of this scary ‘meat’ substance and won second place in a spam carving contest ?

no ? well, i did.



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now for the [really] good news Pt. 3

i apologize for keeping you so incredibly out of the loop, but after this post, you’ll understand why.

a few weeks ago, i was asked to participate in a group show in San Francisco at Kokoro Studio. yeah, right? are you as excited as i was and still am? ok. deep breath. when i was approached with said offer i quite nearly fell off my chair in my studio. i was not expecting to be offered such an opportunity. the opening is on June 3rd. so, all of you people who reside in the ‘Bay Area’ (as they call it), had better be there for the opening. the show has yet to be named, but the concept of the show is quite clear and very specific.

the guidelines: create a self portrait, include a background of your choosing (real or imaginary), make sure said portrait is somehow directed at the viewer so as to appear that ‘you’ are looking through a window into the gallery space at the viewer, mail it down in 2.5-3 weeks, and wait for further instructions. sounds easy enough, right? well, it wasn’t exactly easy, but it was a blast. it took one hell-of-an-all-nighter for me to complete it, but here’s the final product. and to be honest? i’m actually quite satisfied with it. it came from a good place inside of me and i always work best under deadlines (a.k.a. all nighters):


i must give props to Keiko Kuramoto at Kokoro Studio. she is an amazingly talented painter and artist and i am beyond flattered that she would invite me to participate in a group show at her gallery. i am going to do my very best to drive down for the opening and stay a day or two in San Francisco. this all depends on expenses, of course.. but i would feel like a d*mn fool not showing up for the opening of a show in which i am a participant. i’m stoked. i’m happy. and i can’t wait to spend a little time in ‘Frisco, it’s one of my favorite cities.

speaking of self portraits, cameras, and voyeurism.. i took this photograph in my studio. a dear friend mentioned i ought to share my own face on this here site. i disagreed with him, so this is all you are going to get:

so now you know i wear ugly over-sized sweaters and smoke cigarettes. but have you admired the camera? that’s my new baby. if you stare at nothing else, let it be my Nikon that steals the show.

alright, it is now 4:36am and i have to be at work by 11:00am tomorrow, er, today, er, this morning. if i weren’t wearing my massive headphones, i have a feeling i would be listening to the birds singing and chirping. a sound that i love when i am awoken by it, but a sound i despise when i am greeted by it after no sleep. so with that, i hereby sign off.

[acrylic and ink on canvas]


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