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wow, this week has been crazy. oh wait, it’s only MONDAY. the past month has been crazy, is that better? i’ve been surviving off little to no sleep, peanut butter, wheat thins, and american spirits. if you ever need someone to be a representative for ‘Healthy Living,’ i am certainly your girl. seriously, i’m a model – people just don’t know that.. yet.

so my latest endeavor? in lieu of the San Francisco show (and in general) was to make some business cards. you can’t arrive at a gallery empty handed and hope that people merely remember your name minus some sort of tangible evidence that you do, in fact, exist on paper and on the interweb. this requires business cards and/or postcard sized business cards. i opted for both because i think it’s always fun to have something a little larger to pin to one’s wall, but also have something a bit smaller that can squeeze into a wallet. so, i hereby present to you my latest design creation(s):

business cards (front and back) ::

(side A)

(side B)

[go ahead and ignore the weird white space(s), it’s the ‘bleed’ on the business card – just consider this a standard business card size]

and the slightly larger (4 x 6) postcard sized business cards:

(side A)

(side B)

and there you have it. these are supposed to arrive by friday. i have only ever used this company to print up business cards and such, overnightprints.com. they do high quality work under affordable prices and their customer service is second to none. if you are looking for a place to get some business cards/postcards/stationary/magnets/etc printed matter made – i can’t recommend these guys enough (and no, you don’t have to opt for their overnight services – you can order at your leisure – they just so happen to provide overnight services for people, unlike myself, who are so disorganized that they require overnight delivery).

it’s 1:09am. i’ve decided their needs to be more than 24 hours in a day because in said 24 hours i simply can’t seem to get anything accomplished.

[digital design + illustration]



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