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so this super-duper-more-than-awesome-totally-fantastically-magical-insanely-amazing-incredible-and-ridiculously-talented friend of mine named Jackie (yes, the same Jackie I’ve referred to before who resides in Portland, er, P-Town as we like to call it) introduced me to these pencils. or watercolors. wait wait wait. they are neither, they are both, but they are the best of both worlds. better than the best of both worlds because when you add water to this set of seemingly ordinary pencils they take on a life of their own. seriously. and if you do not own a set of them, you must. if you are still reading this, STOP NOW and go to your local art store and purchase a set immediately. i don’t care if you over withdraw your account because they are totally worth it. trust me. and if you can’t trust me, then trust Jackie cause she’s pretty much one of the coolest (er, the coolest) chicks ever. plus they are called, INKTENSE. what more do i have to say?

so, i used these in(k)tense pencils to create a little color chart for a wee lil’ project i have brewing and without them, i would have had to rely on sub par things like water colors or colored pencils, which, don’t get me wrong :: they serve a purpose in and of their own :: but for a theory involving color theory and spectrum, these Inktense pencils really did the d*mn trick ::

so, yeah. that’s it. ‘that’ll do pig.’ and no, I am actually not clever enough to realize the irony of that expression within the context of my studio’s name, so i am hereby accidentally clever, but clever none-the-less, right?

[courtesy of Jackie Fleckenstein & Inktense]




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