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rubber babies, the supermoon, farm fresh eggs, gone with the wind, & chernobyl

i’ve decided that i can’t disappear forever, even if that’s exactly what i want to do at the moment.

the past week has been filled with a series of unfortunate events. i don’t have the energy to get into it, but believe you me – it’s been a nasty week filled with roller coaster emotions and pain. i’m not even wallowing in it anymore, merely reflecting upon it. and considering the last week (not to mention the last 18 months), i’ve decided that i’m stronger than wallowing.

we sell a random assortment of tiny rubber animals (pandas, hippos, dolphins, etc.) next to the cash register. i mean tiny. maybe half an inch long, at most. included in this rubber animal display are teeny tiny rubber babies. boys and girls. just little rubber babies that look like they are crawling around in their diapers (pink for the girls and blue for the boys). there’s this customer that comes in about once a week to purchase a small handful of these rubber babies. anywhere from 8-12 at a time. i finally asked him what exactly does he do with these rubber babies that he buys in bulk ?

he said he leaves them as tips at bars. he said that he also places them next to a stranger’s drink if said stranger has gotten up to use the bathroom, so that they may return to find a tiny rubber baby next to their drink – just to, you know, surprise them. how amazing is that ? he came into the shop yesterday and bought his ten babies. while i was ringing him up, i apologized because my eyes were slightly wet because they had been recently filled with tears (something that i try to avoid – at all costs – at work). after ringing him up, he looked into my eyes, and said, “it looks like you could use a baby.” he then handed me a baby. i looked at it, smiled, looked back at him, and exclaimed, “how appropriate – it’s a boy !” we have amazing customers, full stop. i did accuse him of giving me a ‘pity baby,’ to which he replied, “no, no, no.. it’s just a baby.”

so last night was the ‘supermoon,’ apparently. i’m not entirely sure what that means. people kept claiming that it marks the day when the moon will appear at its largest size – which, also, apparently only happens once every eighteen years. it was too cloudy last night to even see the moon so i cannot vouch for it’s size. regardless, the idea of a ‘supermoon’ did excite me. so, Happy SuperMoon everyone !

as for farm fresh eggs. i just want to say a big ole thank you to my friends out there. all of you. you know who you are. i’ve had a tough week and many of you know it. not only have i received several phone calls, but i also received these little ‘don’t forget we all love you’ packages. one containing cookies (thanks, R !) and another containing farm fresh eggs. you guys are awesome. i’m not sure i’d even be here anymore if it weren’t for you. i love you all.

so, a part of this week’s stress was a result of having to find a new roommate. one of us is leaving (serious sad face) and we need to fill the space ! so, we interviewed what felt like one hundred people – all from craigslist. i’ve never posted a ‘room for rent’ ad on craigslist before. it was terribly easy to get people here, almost too easy. we shook many a hand, but finally came to our final decision today. his name is Rhett and he’s from Atlanta, GA. (Gone With the Wind, anyone ?) i sensed an (awesome) slight drawl, but after living in the bay area for as long he has, it’s not incredibly noticeable. he seems like a perfect fit here and i think our new family will be great – even though we will dearly miss the girl who is moving out.

so, there was this event that happened when i was only two years old. this event is known as ‘Chernobyl.’ i’m sure you are familiar with it and if you are not, you’d best wikipedia it immediately. i was living in Germany at the time this disaster took place. my mother just reminded me of this fact and she was reminded by this because of what has just happened in Japan.

after Chernobyl happened, my family and i were not allowed to drink milk for six months and my sister and i were not allowed to play outside for six months, all due to the radiation. my mom has told me this story before, but i never really thought about it too hard until this evening. i will mostly blame my frenetic emotional state for suddenly focusing in on this detail from my childhood, but honestly ? i find it fascinating. i have been reading about it all day and reading all about the effects that radiation had on people – young and old alike.

(chernobyl sketch)

i’m still reading up on it and gathering information, but i have a feeling that this might spark a series of paintings or drawings related to the event. i find it hard to believe that this major event would not have had an impact on me – you know, internally. i have to wonder if i was exposed to radiation, and if so, how much ?  i’m not a hypochondriac by any means, but i guess there is a part of me that feels so out of place in this world that when i find something that could possibly explain why i am the way that i am, well, i’ll do my homework. i’ll read up on it. i haven’t found an explanation yet, so i’m not holding my breath about this major disaster having much to do with me and all of my wicked thoughts.



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carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero. (yes, i’m still alive & kicking).

the title of this post means the following (roughly translated from Latin) ::

seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the future.

future tattoo. why ? why get such a message permanently inked onto my skin ? and why now ?

well, there are many reasons. some may think it is a bit cryptic or pessimistic. however, when i first read this i felt hopeful if not on the verge of optimistic. i consider myself to be a realist at heart with a dash of optimism. i strongly believe that everything happens for a reason.

i believe in seizing the day. who’s to say i won’t be struck and killed by a bus tomorrow morning ? i’m really not trying to be a debbie downer here. i promise. i do not have a death wish and i am not suicidal, but i do believe in living every day as if it were your last. as hard we try to control our future(s) on this earth, there really is no way to control them. sure, we might choose a certain career, pick a certain major at school, live in a certain city, yadda yadda, but ultimately our fate is not completely in our control.

by the way, i’m not a hippie.

this leads me to why i have been so absent from this blog (i really hate the term ‘blog’ :: apologies to fellow ‘bloggers’) er site for nearly an entire month (*sigh*). after what could have been a serious health scare, i had a major self re-evaluation of my own life. no, i was not about to die, but… the scare was certainly significant enough to make me re-think the way i have been living my life. from the amount of sleep i get (or, i suppose, lack) to what i consume on a regular basis (from alcohol to cigarettes to food, etc.). after my ‘scare’ (ok, ok, i’ll keep the mystery out of this :: on the 10th of August i suffered two grand mal seizures thanks to a medication i was taking), it took me about two weeks to recover from it. i’ve suffered several concussions (thank you, horse back riding) in my life and after those seizures – it felt like i’d had a serious concussion. my short term memory was more or less shot (and it still is to some degree), i had a terrible headache, and i just felt completely off. unless you’ve experienced this, you will not entirely understand it. it’s almost like vertigo and a concussion had a love child, that’s the best way to describe it and as a result i did not ride a horse for nearly five weeks and i cannot legally drive for six months (which, by the way, kinda puts a damper on someone who relies on their car to get everywhere :: including the beautiful city of San Francisco when i move there come the first week of October).

once i’d more or less come out of my blah from the seizures, two people in my life passed away. one suddenly from a horrific accident and the other was a close member in the family. i ended up attending two funerals in the space of one week and spending seven days in Montana (where the family was and where one of the funerals took place). so, yeah, has it been a bit of a shi**y month? yah, sure, you betcha, but it can only go up from here, right?

(an illustration made a couple of years ago that more or less sums up how i am feeling these days) ::

so i’ve been painting. and painting. and painting. i’ve been a horrible business woman. i’ve more or less neglected many emails and requests from potential clients as i dealt with my own health issues and then the loss of two people in my life. i move south in roughly three weeks. i am nowhere near ready, but i will keep my eyes ahead and continue to put one foot in front of the other because come h*ll or high water, by the first week of October, I will be a resident of San Francisco.

and another little piece i painted in the midst of all this ::

that, my friends, is all i’ve got for now. i am happy to report i am currently working on a project for a local business right now and do feel as though i am slowly finding my freelance feet again. i thank you for your patience and i’ll see you soon. lots of exciting things in the near future and quite a few paintings i will be finishing up this week that i am eager to share.

i wish you all good health, happiness, and a beautiful ending to your respective summers. i can’t believe fall is already here.

[digital design for tattoo][mixed media on paper][acrylic on paper]



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sold, bought, & processed

i disappeared (er drove) down to Portland, OR a few weeks ago to, ya know, sell some art in a parking lot outside a really sweet-ass bar named Pearl Blitz in the pearl district of Portland. once again, i tip my hat off to both Jackie F. and Jay O. for making this event and experience possible in the first place (hopefully I’ll be there next month as well…). so, yeah, i sold a few things. and guess what ? i sold a few more whilst i was down south in San Francisco !

i had exchanged cards with a very nice gentleman by the name of Michael D. who had expressed interest in some ‘box paintings’ i had done back in 2007 when i still lived in new york city. i’ll do my best to explain them ::

so, this is only three out of the five that i sold to this lovely man in Portland. it’s a bit hard to see this from the images (and sorry, they are packed up, so deal with it, there is to be no rescanning), but i painted these images onto different boxes from New York City’s China Town and Little Italy (deep fried Oreos, anyone?).

the concept being :: these two very distinct (though neighboring) districts in the city are in the process of merging, whether they like it or not.

you may think (sarcastically), ‘wow, what an exciting observation…’ but in all honesty, the merging of these two sects and cultures is worth recognizing and is an important development in the LOHO world (that would be, ‘Lower Houston’ for those of you unfamiliar with the city). so, I purchased boxes from both china town and little italy, took a crazy amount of photographs, and through collage, acrylic paint, and different drawing mediums .. expressed the italian culture on the boxes bought in china town and vice versa. the concept is simple enough, sure, but the impact was actually quite strong when they were all displayed together. it’s the sort of concept that is so basic it needs little explaining and zero justification. a concept too simple to be true.

and the results ? well, i was pleased with them because all of these boxes remained portable and commodity-like, just as i wanted them to, but without being obvious. they were subtle. you probably could have placed them back on the shelves in their respective homes and people may not have given them a second thought, as they would have blended in with their backgrounds. the project was a labor of love. the pieces themselves did not take nearly as long as developing the concept and taking the many many photographs required for reference and collage purposes :: the end result was something i was more than proud of.

i have always held a soft spot for new york city’s Little Italy and Chinatown. they are special spots in the city. they hold onto their own cultural worth while appealing to the general (and, need i say, touristic) aspects of the city. a local would feel just as home in this area as a tourist. well, not quite as at home :: but not a far cry from it. as most (if not all?) businesses in the city, they are here to make m-o-n-e-y.. and residing in the hot spot of Little Italy and/or China Town :: they are destined to do so.

in any case. they have been sold to a terrific individual in Portland, OR and I know that they will hang or be placed proudly throughout his home. there are few things more satisfying than selling art or a series of art to someone who not only has an aeshetic, but also a conceptual, appreciation for what they are purchasing.

cheers, Michael ! i hope you enjoy them to their fullest extent.

[collage, paint, and dtawing on miscellneous boxes from NYC’s Little Italy & China Town]



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lots of ink. and lots of cars (italiano).

so, i’ve made a lot of ink drawings in this past week. and by a lot i mean well over 50. closer to 70 perhaps. and to be honest ? once i started drawing these beautiful vintage italian cars, i just could not stop. i’m serious. it’s been a while since i’ve really used my hand and arm for drawing outside of photoshop :: sad, but true. drawing in photoshop is so superficial (not sure one could actually consider it drawing) :: not only because it’s a computer, but there’s that whole “control + z” thing (ya know, the undo option). this relates back to my distaste for digital cameras. but i will restrain myself from ranting about that topic..

this gig is not yet complete. consider the above just sketches. final(-ish?) sketches, but sketches none-the-less. i’ll explain the details once all is complete, but for now? just admire all those italian cars ! am thinking a tiled pattern of these various automobiles would be great for wallpaper, tiles, shower curtains, boxers (thank you, Ed), pillows, etc. i might just pursue this endeavor..

[liquid Carbon Black ‘Golden’ acrylic on paper]


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italiano and black ink

(alpha romeo)

i’ve got a very fun little project cooking up at the moment, so please stay tuned :: i will only say this :: it has something to do with _______.

[happy][photo courtesy of ultimatecarpage.com]


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fire escapes and high tops

i realize it’s late at night, but then i realized it’s also very early in the morning.. and then i realized it’s just about time for my best friend to be waking up in new york city. so, i dedicate this post and this drawing to her. it was the last time we sat on our work’s fire escape in seattle before she left for new york.

[graphite on paper]


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whistle while you work

i have a wee bit o’ news to share, but not quite yet. until then, please enjoy this circus tent i just drew. it’s relevant, trust me.

[pencil and sharpie on paper]


p.s. light boxes RULE.

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