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good friday

yes, another horse post, but this one is really important, i promise:

so, i already told you about a mare (a female horse, for those unfamiliar with horse terms) that i once owned. her name is Tickles (ironic only because she wasn’t the … friendliest of horses), but guess what? she finally popped out her baby. she was due on March 20th and the baby arrived on April 2nd at 1:40am:

it’s name? ‘Good Friday.’ it’s a boy with four white socks, a blaze, and some d*mn long legs. and it’s cute enough that i might just die if i look at these pictures anymore. anyway, go Tickles! go Helene! (Tickles’ current owner), and go Good Friday! i can’t wait to A. visit them and B. watch him grow up. it was, indeed, a very Good Friday.

[photos courtesy of Helene]



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