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oy vey: meaning “oh woe.”

do you live in Seattle? have you heard of Hopscotch (april 23rd & 24th) ?

well, it’s a beer and scotch tasting festival (good work, Sherlock) and although I have never actually attended said festival (though there is word of me working at it this year..) it’s supposed to be amazing. so, why am I making a post about this? because, for the second time, I’ve been in charge of creating the “fashion” shirt for the event and figured i’d share my labor of love. let me say this: i cannot take responsibility for the digital art itself – but i can take credit for the design:

let’s hope it sells! no wait, let’s hope it gets put into production first and foremost! and if you need to buy tickets in advance you can A. visit their website or B. visit the retail store i work at a couple times a week (located @ 3412 Evanston Avenue North // Seattle, WA // 98103). this really isn’t THAT big of a deal, but if you know anything about anything to do with color separation for screen printing – you will understand taking 56 layers down to 5 layers was no easy task.

bottoms up, i’ve earned a cocktail.

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