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city confidant

i made this logo (and will be making more, city by city) in November 2010 for City Confidant, pay them a visit and subscribe for free, there is only a Seattle/Eastside edition available at this time – but many more cities to come in 2010! they just launched their full site this past Monday (2.22.10) and it’s pretty awesome. my friend, Jordan, founded the site and got this whole thing off the ground (by himself). so far it’s been really well received – sign up is FREE and takes approximately thirty seconds. it’s a win, win. if you live in Seattle, there’s no reason not to sign up!

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speedy reedy

Reed of Speedy Reedy was one of my first clients. he needed a revamped logo and this is what i ended up designing for him. he’s an avid cyclist and athlete in general, not to mention he’s a great guy who runs a pretty amazing shop (that just moved to a great new location), so if you’re ever in need of some triathlon gear and happen to live in the Seattle area – don’t hesitate to stop by his shop, you won’t be disappointed.

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