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French, Lewis R.

[the feeding :: some lucky ducks noshing on leftover scones :: Maine]

[Lewis R. French glorious sails :: Maine]

[on my way to the cemetery, spray painted white rock :: Maine]

[a fellow schooner :: Maine]

[sky & sails :: Maine]

[graveyard tree :: Maine]

[knot :: Maine]

[not sure what this is called in ‘proper’ sailing terms, but i love it :: Maine]

i went to Maine and all i got were these damn polaroids [KIDDING]. the experience aboard the Lewis R. French was amazing and when i have a bit more money in my bank account, you’ll see all of the pictures that me and my nikon took together. it kinda felt like i was on a honey moon with my new camera. is that too weird ? not that it matters. i embrace weird. in fact, i encourage, support, and promote weird.

[Polaroid sx-70 + TZ-Artistic film c/o The Impossible Project]



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a thousand words :: one of three

my apologies. i’ve been a bit distracted of late. in four weeks time i’ve bounced from seattle to san francisco to seattle to new york to boston to maine to boston to seattle to san francisco and i will be arriving back to seattle tonight where i intend to stay put, for a little while at least (i’ve got some news to share, but it’ll have to wait until i get home and get my most recent roll of photographs developed, i’ll let them tell the whole story).

the above picture was taken roughly 20 miles east of sacramento where i visited an old horse of mine named Will (or Wilbur, as i liked to call him). it was over ninety degrees at this beautiful farm where he is now retired and living by a creek under the shade of a large tree and surrounded by peacocks (no, seriously). i hope retirement treats me that well.

and then i went sailing on an old (seriously, 1871) schooner named the Lewis R. French. the weather could have cooperated a bit better, but honestly? maine is beautiful and sailing on an old ship was absolutely amazing and i even made a few new friends while aboard. a big many thanks to Ryan for making that whole trip possible and to the crew of the L. R. French for being so darn cool.

this post is a bit out of order, which is appropriate since my life seems to be a bit out of order at the moment. words like ‘chaos’ and ‘disaster’ come to mind when i think about my life right now, but perhaps i should just get used to that. i’m not unhappy, just feeling particularly crazy, and for those of you who know me well, that’s a fairly bold statement.

[nikon 35mm + color film][polaroid sx-70 + TZ Artistic film c/o The Impossible Project]


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ad [vertisement]

in an earlier post, i discussed a certain equestrian prize list that i did a series of illustrations for. part of their compensation for these illustrations was the choice for a quarter, half, or full page black and white advertisement for this here lil’ studio of mine. being the greedy person that i am, i opted for the full page. a larger ad must mean more exposure, which in turn must mean a higher chance of getting hired to do some work, right? well, that’s my logic at least, but i will be the first to admit that i am one of the most illogical people i know.

i’d like to give a shout out THANKS A MILLION to Liz C. and Nacole B. for giving me such a great opportunity. i’m not entirely sure when the prize list will become available, but i’m under the impression it’s set to hit the printers in the next week or two.

i am currently in new york city (well, brooklyn to be exact). it is very hot here. it actually feels like summer here. my pale seattle body is not accustomed to such temperatures :: think high 80’s, possibly low 90’s and so muggy the air feels thick :: it feels fantastic and the city, as usual, has me swooning. lots of photographs being taken, pictures being drawn, and so forth.

i am catching the china town bus early saturday morning, am very stoked. heading to maine for a three day sailing trip. i hope my cameras and sketchbooks are ready for a whirlwind of activity..

[digital design + black & white nikon photograph]


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