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the great white buffalo

i feel so silly. i haven’t even introduced you to The Great White Buffalo. i’m sorry you haven’t met sooner because it is a most magnificent thing:

are you with me on this? on how awesome this is? we (a few friends and i) found this when we were walking around a neighborhood in seattle. we had decided to take this little side street we’d never even noticed before and there it was.

this beauty (or beast, depending on how you feel about it) was just parked there. i was tempted to knock on the door to the house and force the owner of this hog to tell me its story. and then i was even more tempted to just jump into the driver’s seat and take off with it, so i could have it all to myself. my friends deterred me from doing all of the above, so i forced them to wait for me while i took pictures. winding the film slowly so as to make them wait even longer, i was being childish. i really wanted (and still do) The Great White Buffalo.

remember being a kid in a toy store? and you’d pick up a toy (in my case, it was usually a My Little Pony) and you’d ask your mom and/or dad for it? and when they said NO, you got a little more pleading and may have even whipped out a pair of puppy dog eyes? in general, i was not too difficult in toy stores, if I got the “NO, put that down” response – I’d listen. However, there were a few times where I’d have my heart set on some toy and it felt like if I didn’t bring this one tiny little toy home with me my life might, in fact, just end. well, that’s how i felt (and still do) about The Great White Buffalo. and i’ve never seen it again (trust me, i went looking for it). one day, we will be reunited, i just know it.

[nikon 35mm + color film]


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1. highshool photo class 2. corvester’s grass filled mouth 3. Alice’s revenge on the white rabbit

i’ve had a strange week and i’ve barely seen my studio or computer, so this is all i have to share at the moment.

trust me, this post would make sense if you were me. since you’re not me, just enjoy the random factor.

many works in progress right now, many emails to reply to, phone calls to make, people to see, and hours at my day job i have committed to.

a real post to come in the near future, just as soon as the dust in my life begins to settle.

[nikon 35 mm + black and white film + color film][acrylic and pen on paper]


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tipping my hat, a Nikon Tribute

i’ve officially dropped my Nikon off at the doctors office where it will be airlifted to a local camera hospital. the technician gave me a few funny looks as i described its symptoms problems. it’s never easy to explain that you dropped your camera 1.5 years ago, continued to use it (regardless of the dent and another broken part), took it around the US on tour with a band where the lever that winds the film started to show serious signs of fatigue, and then packed it onto a train to New York where, finally, it breathed its last breath of life after a lovely long walk in Prospect Park with me.

it’s a good thing they can’t call social services on me for being a negligent camera parent. it’s not that i didn’t care about the camera (i love this camera and it’s treated me SO well – seriously, if i have it on me it’s the first thing i make sure to check i still have on me; wallet, cell phone, keys are all second priorities after this camera), i was just so full of pride and believed we it could make it through its somewhat epic fall onto some concrete. i’ve owned this camera for seven years. it’s not just like a blender sitting in my kitchen. it feels like a family member at this point and i feel terribly guilty for having not taken it in sooner.

they told me 4-6 weeks was the usual waiting time for repairs. i scoffed at them when they told me it might be more cost effective to just go buy a new one – they don’t produce manual Nikon cameras anymore (sniffle) so you can find one in mint condition for under $200 on ebay (roughly the cost of the repairs), but i’m sentimental. and stubborn. and i want my camera back. life wouldn’t be the same without it. i just hope the repair time is closer to 4 weeks because i leave in about 4 weeks for Geneva.

have you ever been to Geneva? i have not. well, technically i haven’t. i may or may not have google-street-map-viewed Geneva today and taken a virtual “tour” of the city. i’m really not as pathetic as i sound. i’m just excited and wanted a sneak preview – seriously, i promise. i don’t actually have a lot of spare time on my hands, i just let my oh-my-word-i’m-going-to-Geneva enthusiasm get the best of me. if you’ve ever been there: tips, suggestions, etc. are welcome. i’ll need all the help i can get since i’m traveling alone – i’m just grateful they speak English over there. it might be more of an adventure if they didn’t, but i have things to do and places to go and eliminating the whole i-don’t-speak-your-language thing would be convenient. oh boy, i need to learn some other languages. pronto. too bad a Rosetta Stone costs approximately 10,000$ ‘jessi’ dollars. until then, i’ve got google translator – classy right?

[Nikon 35 mm + color film]



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amtrak No. 2

so, if you didn’t read my previous post, let me fill you in. i took a train across the country. Amtrak to be specific. the ride across the country was beautiful. more than beautiful. i’d call it breathtaking, but that just sounds so cheezy.. but honestly? it really was. i had two cameras on me and two sketchbooks. i did some writing and some drawing – but it was limited, trains are BUMPY (trust me, i’m still covered in bruises) and not conducive to quality line art. i took so many photographs. i was expecting most, if not all, of them to get developed and appear blurry and unrecognizable. oh i was wrong. i was so wrong. although my Nikon (sniffle) officially died after my walk in Prospect Park (in Brooklyn), it was a champ during the cross country trek. and my Holga? i loved my Holga before, but now that i know how to actually use it without wasting film (sigh), i think i might just marry it. that’s legal, right?

a Holga post will be next. these are a select few of my Nikon shots before my poor camera broke. don’t worry, i’m taking it to the doctor tomorrow. it needs to be in good form for my trip to Geneva in April. yeah, that’s right, i’m a jet setter. well – actually – i’m not a jet setter at all, but i’ll still call myself one. i’ll explain the whole Geneva thing later.

[nikon 35 mm + color film]



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groupie .. er, photographer

(The Foghorns, Pete’s Candy Store :: Brooklyn, NY)

(Bart, Soda Bar :: San Diego, CA)

(Rich, Soda Bar :: San Diego, CA)

(Katie, Hollow Earth Radio in Studio :: Seattle, WA)

i have already told you i went on tour with The Foghorns. we left in the beginning of September 2009 and arrived 4.5 very long weeks later back in Seattle. we traveled from Seattle to New York to California and back to Seattle. we had shows in approximately twenty cities across the US. i had the time of my life. i had the opportunity to see most of America from the road, visit cities i’d never even seen before, meet people from all walks of life, hear countless bands from all over the country (and even one from the Netherlands) – oh and don’t let me forget i took pictures of the band every single night they played while selling their merchandise at the same time. it’s one of the best trips i’ve ever taken and i’d do it again without question.

so, when i arrived back to Seattle – i had some 20+ rolls of film on me, some i had developed along the way and some i developed when i arrived back home. so, if you are wondering why there are so many band photographs on my Nikon page – well, this explains it. it was the time of my life. if you ever get the chance to go on tour with a band, i highly recommend doing it. it’s just .. fantasic. and there’s no better way to see this great landscape we call America.

[35 mm + nikon + color film + black and white film]



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people watching and photo stockpiles

(anonymous college graduate’s proud father)

(christina at a bowling alley in new jersey)

(ignacio at a house party in brooklyn during a blizzard)

i’ve taken a lot of pictures over the years. and by a lot, i mean a lot. i’ve spent the past few days trying to organize just the pictures i have saved on my computer and, well, it’s taken me a few days. the pictures i have saved on my computer are probably only a quarter or maybe a third of all of the pictures i have ever taken. it’s obscene. it’s ridiculous. and since i am afraid of hesitant to use digital cameras, storing these pictures on a hard drive is one thing. but you have to understand, i have stacks and stacks of photographs (you know, the film kind) that i attempted to organize a few months ago. i say ‘attempt’ because just when i thought i’d come close to finishing, i discovered another large pile that needed to be filed away. they are now sitting in a paper bag, in the corner of my studio. i avoid eye contact with them the best i can.

so, yes, i take people pictures too. i don’t just take pictures of my horse and other peoples’ pets (oh wait, i haven’t posted those yet). i love people watching. when i lived in new york, i would sit in various parks or on various stoops with the intention of watching and listening to the people going by me. it is, however, harder to take pictures of people than you would think.

scratch that. it’s harder to take pictures of strangers than you would think. i did an entire project my first year in college based on photographing strangers and i had one h*ll of a time getting people to cooperate. people don’t just trust other people. some gave me the excuse they were camera shy. others said they just didn’t want their pictures taken – full stop. and i even had one guy tell me there was a warrant out for his arrest and he couldn’t risk his picture being taken (this guy even gave himself an alias: Frank). so, my people pictures are mostly of friends and family because i haven’t had the time to really delve into the whole taking strangers’ pictures thing. i mean, i have done it, but not with their permission.

for this reason and many others, i have three personal photographer heroes: Diane Arbus and Richard Avedon and Annie Leibovitz. you know them, right? if not, please go to your nearest library or bookstore (immediately) and pull one (or all) of their books off the shelf and admire their photographs.

[nikon 35mm + color film + black and white film]


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blue, pig.

so begins my venture into band photography, posters, album art, and role as graphic designer and groupie for (more on the ‘groupie’ thing later) local bands. these pictures were taken for my friend Katie’s band, ‘Blue, Pig.’ this band was formed in 2008. it no longer technically exists, except for on MySpace really. regardless, i was asked to take some band photos for them. a few of these were used for some promo stuff and the rest have remained neglected and forgotten on my hard drive – so is the fate of so many photographs – tear, sniffle, sigh.

i took the first four on my Nikon and the last two on my sx-70 outside of a motel off Highway 99/Aurora – a road known for being rundown, unsafe (depending on where you are), and a staple roadway in seattle. members include(d) are Katie, her brother Rich, and friend Bart.

let me take this opportunity to thank the local bands of Seattle who have allowed me to be their photographer and, cough, groupie. it’s opened a lot of doors for me and the challenges of band photography is larger than i had once imagined, i’ve learned a great deal and you’ll see a whole lot more band related posts to come.

[35mm film + nikon] [polaroid sx-70 film blend + chocolate blend]


p.s. i haven’t heard back from my polaroid film supplier, Mike. it’s looking very likely that he is no longer in business. i’ve exhausted my resources only to find small amounts of cheap expired film or small amounts of overpriced (70+$!) non expired film available – i will get to the bottom of this. as i told a friend, abandoning my polaroid(s) at this point would make me feel like a neglectful parent, abandoning my child for something cheaper and easier – like a doll made of plastic.

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