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sold, bought, & processed

i disappeared (er drove) down to Portland, OR a few weeks ago to, ya know, sell some art in a parking lot outside a really sweet-ass bar named Pearl Blitz in the pearl district of Portland. once again, i tip my hat off to both Jackie F. and Jay O. for making this event and experience possible in the first place (hopefully I’ll be there next month as well…). so, yeah, i sold a few things. and guess what ? i sold a few more whilst i was down south in San Francisco !

i had exchanged cards with a very nice gentleman by the name of Michael D. who had expressed interest in some ‘box paintings’ i had done back in 2007 when i still lived in new york city. i’ll do my best to explain them ::

so, this is only three out of the five that i sold to this lovely man in Portland. it’s a bit hard to see this from the images (and sorry, they are packed up, so deal with it, there is to be no rescanning), but i painted these images onto different boxes from New York City’s China Town and Little Italy (deep fried Oreos, anyone?).

the concept being :: these two very distinct (though neighboring) districts in the city are in the process of merging, whether they like it or not.

you may think (sarcastically), ‘wow, what an exciting observation…’ but in all honesty, the merging of these two sects and cultures is worth recognizing and is an important development in the LOHO world (that would be, ‘Lower Houston’ for those of you unfamiliar with the city). so, I purchased boxes from both china town and little italy, took a crazy amount of photographs, and through collage, acrylic paint, and different drawing mediums .. expressed the italian culture on the boxes bought in china town and vice versa. the concept is simple enough, sure, but the impact was actually quite strong when they were all displayed together. it’s the sort of concept that is so basic it needs little explaining and zero justification. a concept too simple to be true.

and the results ? well, i was pleased with them because all of these boxes remained portable and commodity-like, just as i wanted them to, but without being obvious. they were subtle. you probably could have placed them back on the shelves in their respective homes and people may not have given them a second thought, as they would have blended in with their backgrounds. the project was a labor of love. the pieces themselves did not take nearly as long as developing the concept and taking the many many photographs required for reference and collage purposes :: the end result was something i was more than proud of.

i have always held a soft spot for new york city’s Little Italy and Chinatown. they are special spots in the city. they hold onto their own cultural worth while appealing to the general (and, need i say, touristic) aspects of the city. a local would feel just as home in this area as a tourist. well, not quite as at home :: but not a far cry from it. as most (if not all?) businesses in the city, they are here to make m-o-n-e-y.. and residing in the hot spot of Little Italy and/or China Town :: they are destined to do so.

in any case. they have been sold to a terrific individual in Portland, OR and I know that they will hang or be placed proudly throughout his home. there are few things more satisfying than selling art or a series of art to someone who not only has an aeshetic, but also a conceptual, appreciation for what they are purchasing.

cheers, Michael ! i hope you enjoy them to their fullest extent.

[collage, paint, and dtawing on miscellneous boxes from NYC’s Little Italy & China Town]



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so that little piece i made for the June 3rd show in San Francisco @ Kokoro Studio… guess what ? it sold.

ok, just go ahead and color me happy. seriously. this is, more or less, what i feel like ::



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homeĀ (alone)

i’m back in Seattle. back to the grind. that sort of thing. am quite tired from my driving and sleeping in parking lots (thank you, Walmart), but it’s good to be in my own bed again (well, to know that sometime within the next few hours i will be there..).

however, i must admit, San Francisco is a very cool city. i did know this already, i’ve been there a few times, but i most certainly got a better feel for it this time and am so very tempted to move there.

many rolls of film to develop, dropping them off tomorrow morning. will have them uploaded by wednesday. i’d keep typing, but A. i am very tired B. i have work to do and C. i assume you needn’t listen/read my excessive rambling.

a far more interesting post to come :: but a huge thanks to all those in San Francisco and to Jackie in Portland, OR :: ya’ll rock and without you this trip wouldn’t have been possible :: you ROCK.


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now for the [really] good news Pt. 3

i apologize for keeping you so incredibly out of the loop, but after this post, you’ll understand why.

a few weeks ago, i was asked to participate in a group show in San Francisco at Kokoro Studio. yeah, right? are you as excited as i was and still am? ok. deep breath. when i was approached with said offer i quite nearly fell off my chair in my studio. i was not expecting to be offered such an opportunity. the opening is on June 3rd. so, all of you people who reside in the ‘Bay Area’ (as they call it), had better be there for the opening. the show has yet to be named, but the concept of the show is quite clear and very specific.

the guidelines: create a self portrait, include a background of your choosing (real or imaginary), make sure said portrait is somehow directed at the viewer so as to appear that ‘you’ are looking through a window into the gallery space at the viewer, mail it down in 2.5-3 weeks, and wait for further instructions. sounds easy enough, right? well, it wasn’t exactly easy, but it was a blast. it took one hell-of-an-all-nighter for me to complete it, but here’s the final product. and to be honest? i’m actually quite satisfied with it. it came from a good place inside of me and i always work best under deadlines (a.k.a. all nighters):


i must give props to Keiko Kuramoto at Kokoro Studio. she is an amazingly talented painter and artist and i am beyond flattered that she would invite me to participate in a group show at her gallery. i am going to do my very best to drive down for the opening and stay a day or two in San Francisco. this all depends on expenses, of course.. but i would feel like a d*mn fool not showing up for the opening of a show in which i am a participant. i’m stoked. i’m happy. and i can’t wait to spend a little time in ‘Frisco, it’s one of my favorite cities.

speaking of self portraits, cameras, and voyeurism.. i took this photograph in my studio. a dear friend mentioned i ought to share my own face on this here site. i disagreed with him, so this is all you are going to get:

so now you know i wear ugly over-sized sweaters and smoke cigarettes. but have you admired the camera? that’s my new baby. if you stare at nothing else, let it be my Nikon that steals the show.

alright, it is now 4:36am and i have to be at work by 11:00am tomorrow, er, today, er, this morning. if i weren’t wearing my massive headphones, i have a feeling i would be listening to the birds singing and chirping. a sound that i love when i am awoken by it, but a sound i despise when i am greeted by it after no sleep. so with that, i hereby sign off.

[acrylic and ink on canvas]


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tickles a.k.a. Show N Tell

Tickles. i had the privilege of owning and showing this mare for a few years during high school.

i was not in town when she was sold, therefore i was not there to say my ‘goodbyes’ – this left me more guilt ridden than i could have imagined until finally, this past September of ’09, i made my way to San Diego (while on tour with The Foghorns – don’t worry, it’s not nearly as glamorous as it sounds). this painting was based off a photograph i took of her from that trip. she was several months pregnant at the time i reunited with her and balled my eyes out. she’s due in March.

i’ll post baby Tickles’ photos after she’s gone through the whole i’m-a-horse-having-a-baby thing (can you imagine?). oh man, i love this horse. here’s an older picture of her from her younger days when i owned her:

you’ll see more pictures of her on my Nikon page. i just had to share this little gem i discovered back when i was sorting through my stockpile of photographs.

[acrylic + pen on paper][nikon 35 mm + color film]


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word drops

this is a piece i did in late 2007. i was just weeks away from graduating and i was sick of all the advice, suggestions, and hype surrounding our graduation from the illustration department. it is a picture about being overwhelmed and flooded by words – i’m not sure if i am the frog or one of the birds. perhaps i am not just one of them, but all of them.

[mixed media on canvas]


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‘in the hands of artists’ (2007)


this here is a poorly photographed painting/illustration (30 x 30 canvas) that i made for an EA Games Competition in the spring of 2007. the goal of said competition was to reimagine The Sims in our own visual vocabulary in an exhibit called, “The Sims: In the Hands of Artists.”

as luck would have it, i actually received 2nd place in the Open Category (don’t ask me what that actually means). you can see an article about the event along with an embarrassing flattering picture of myself here (along with the Chair of the Illustration Department, Steven Guarnaccia) with my over sized check, smiling awkwardly and standing proudly in front of my work. it was a good night and i was grateful for the free wine.

[acrylic + bic pen + mixed media on canvas]


p.s. and yes, i still have said over sized check, rolled up and tucked away in a drawer in my studio. it’s not every day you get an over sized check, right?

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