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fifty seven days and counting

that is how many days i have until i depart Seattle and arrive in the great city that is San Francisco. the term time flies has never meant more to me.

i traveled south to the fine city of SF for the fourth of July and while i was not too productive in my sketchbook(s), i did take some photographs that i’d really like to share ::

and that’s all folks. i have work to do, an apartment to pack, and a cat and a turtle to feed. i wish you all a very happy Thursday from Year of the Pig Studio.

[nikon 35 mm :: 400 ISO color film]




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cumulus, artstravaganza, & sfo

it’s August 10th. the tenth, i say. can you believe that summer is nearly over ? not only will kids be returning to school soon, many ‘kids’ i know are just about to go off to their first year of college. wait, what ? and two months from now i will be safely nestled in my newly rented room or studio apartment in San Francisco. wait, what ?

so, i hereby admit insanity. i am working my tail off. i am barely sleeping. i am busily doing things like drawing (er, watercoloring) clouds for a facebook application (see above), packing my apartment (see below), and saving every last penny that i earn.

in the eight weeks i have remaining in Seattle i will: house sit, work two summer camps, work a music festival, house sit again, pack my entire apartment, organize not one but two garage sales (this is all on top of my daily grind of riding horses four times a week, working retail on the weekends, and lest i forget this little studio business i am continuing to breathe life into – for which i have two insanely time consuming projects pending). yes, i’m a little weary.

last week i drove down to Portland, OR (in a record time of 2.5 hours considering i was battling rush hour because someone may or may not have overslept her alarm by approximately twelve hours) to partake in a sort of flea market meets art market set up (in Blitz Pearl’s parking lot :: Thank You Jay !) for Portland’s First Thursday Art Walk. i sold a few pieces and a few prints, stayed up all night with a great and talented friend of mine (Thank You Jackie!), and drove home the following afternoon. then i left for San Francisco ’cause i’m crazy like that.

i’ll be back to the grind come friday evening once i’ve landed, gathered my keys for house sitting, and (hopefully) enjoyed a [insert alcoholic beverage here]. i’ve said too much, i bid yee a fine evenin’ from a foggy town.

[watercolor + digital application][one messy studio]


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speaking of san francisco

i’ve made a new friend down in that fine city who’s name is Gabe. he’s an artist. a photographer. an everything-er. anyway :: i would rather not say too much more because his work speaks for itself and i highly recommend you go ahead and click that link, you can thank me later.

that’s a little preview. do you see what i see? yeah, a little thing called talent. or awesomeness. or some combination of the two.. ‘awesomalent’ anyone?

[work by Gabe Schama]


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and now for the news :: re-lo-cat-ing


verb (used without object) :: to change one’s residence or place of business; to move

so, the rumor (if you’ve even heard it) is true. i’m moving. to san francisco. at the beginning of october. it’s time for a change of scenery. i’m stoked. and the best part of having one’s own business means it is entirely portable. so, i’ll be a little busy until then.. whilst i save money, work my jobs, and pack up my apartment :: one piece at a time.

[photo courtesy of Eddie Laux]


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good afternoon, good evening & good night

ok. it’s 2:26 am. i am supposed to be leaving for the airport in approximately three hours and 45 minutes. ok, that’s not approximate, that’s exact.

i still have work to do. emails to send. and, well, i have not packed a single thing. which might not be a huge deal :: but when you are me and you A. love excessive clothing B. feel you must be prepared for all climates even though the forecast(s) are HOT and even HOTTER C. have three cameras + film that must be packed carefully D. have all sketching materials that MUST be packed and not forgotten E. will be in not only NYC but also MAINE (via 8 hour bus ride), so must consider packing “lightly” :: if that’s possible and F. am totally and utterly crazy… having 3 hours and 45 minutes is just not enough time to do any of the above, but per usual, somehow, i will make it happen because i have no choice BUT to make it happen.

so, yeah, about those pictures i’ve been meaning to upload. i stayed up for roughly the past 2 weeks. averaging 2-3 hours of sleep a night (some nights no sleep, some nights 5 hours of sleep, etc.). that said, i’ve been a little busy and i don’t have the excuse of “i’ve been partying!” but rather, “i’ve been working like a slave!”

however, after this trip east that i am taking :: i am currently under the impression that things will simmer down (famous last words, i know) and that means i can upload ALL the photographs i have taken. i have about one billion, so it should be exciting.

remember that time i went to San Francisco, uh, two weeks ago ? well, i got to swim in the pacific ocean (and yes, it was quite cold, but totally worth it)(i also got stuck on a chain link fence after i’d broken into the Golden Gate Park botanical garden, a great story for another time). i did NOT take this photograph (which should be clear because i am the one in the photograph), but i figured i’d at least share something with you before i bail on you for what could be ten days. my friend, eddie, took this photograph of me and A. i think it’s a solid photograph and B. it proves that even when i am away on these various excursions, i am still working with my camera in hand, hanging around my neck :: not a unlike a soldier ready for battle.

and, no, i’m not so vain as to think i should post a picture on here that A. i didn’t even take and B. is of myself. truth be told ? it’s the only photograph that managed to make it onto my hard drive since my trip and since i am seriously under a time crunch, it’s really the best i could do. apologies left and right. please hold :: while i get my life back together :: oh and did i mention that i am, officially, considering moving to San Francisco within the next six months or so?

yeah. that’s another story for another time as well. i’d love to share the details, but guess what? i still have an empty suitcase, carry on, and ya know, like, a lot of stuff to do. so, let me hereby remind you that patience is, indeed, a virtue. i’ll be back before you know it and with any luck i can even provide ya’ll with a friendly update whilst i am pretending to be a jet setter.

[HOLGA + color film][photo courtesy of Eddie]


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homeĀ (alone)

i’m back in Seattle. back to the grind. that sort of thing. am quite tired from my driving and sleeping in parking lots (thank you, Walmart), but it’s good to be in my own bed again (well, to know that sometime within the next few hours i will be there..).

however, i must admit, San Francisco is a very cool city. i did know this already, i’ve been there a few times, but i most certainly got a better feel for it this time and am so very tempted to move there.

many rolls of film to develop, dropping them off tomorrow morning. will have them uploaded by wednesday. i’d keep typing, but A. i am very tired B. i have work to do and C. i assume you needn’t listen/read my excessive rambling.

a far more interesting post to come :: but a huge thanks to all those in San Francisco and to Jackie in Portland, OR :: ya’ll rock and without you this trip wouldn’t have been possible :: you ROCK.


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being professional & driving & what not

my business cards & my postcard sized business cards arrived on friday (not sure if they can be considered business cards if they are the size of a standard postcard..). as usual, the printer i used did a great job and i am totally satisfied with the results. a friend of mine even told me they look almost professional, which i find quite amusing.

i am leaving for San Francisco in the morning for the opening of the show at Kokoro Studio. one last visit to my favorite camera store in the morning and then i will be hitting the road. a stop in Portland to visit a dear friend and i’ll find a parking lot in Medford, OR to take a quick little nap (in the back of my car) before continuing on to my final destination. i have many people to see and many things to do and many pictures to take and many sketches to draw. i am stoked and tomorrow can’t come soon enough. it’s 2:30am. am heading to bed shortly, only just got “finished” getting all my stuff ready to go. i know that i’ll only be gone a few days, but there was an obscene amount of things that needed to be taken care of before my departure. you know how it goes..

here’s a shot i took of the san francisco fisherman’s wharf a few years back (think, 2006-ish). can’t wait to get some new pictures with my new camera (!!).

i’ll be m.i.a. until sunday or so. or not. we’ll see.

see ya on the flip side. xxx

[nikon 35 mm + black and white film]


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