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a thousand words :: one of three

my apologies. i’ve been a bit distracted of late. in four weeks time i’ve bounced from seattle to san francisco to seattle to new york to boston to maine to boston to seattle to san francisco and i will be arriving back to seattle tonight where i intend to stay put, for a little while at least (i’ve got some news to share, but it’ll have to wait until i get home and get my most recent roll of photographs developed, i’ll let them tell the whole story).

the above picture was taken roughly 20 miles east of sacramento where i visited an old horse of mine named Will (or Wilbur, as i liked to call him). it was over ninety degrees at this beautiful farm where he is now retired and living by a creek under the shade of a large tree and surrounded by peacocks (no, seriously). i hope retirement treats me that well.

and then i went sailing on an old (seriously, 1871) schooner named the Lewis R. French. the weather could have cooperated a bit better, but honestly? maine is beautiful and sailing on an old ship was absolutely amazing and i even made a few new friends while aboard. a big many thanks to Ryan for making that whole trip possible and to the crew of the L. R. French for being so darn cool.

this post is a bit out of order, which is appropriate since my life seems to be a bit out of order at the moment. words like ‘chaos’ and ‘disaster’ come to mind when i think about my life right now, but perhaps i should just get used to that. i’m not unhappy, just feeling particularly crazy, and for those of you who know me well, that’s a fairly bold statement.

[nikon 35mm + color film][polaroid sx-70 + TZ Artistic film c/o The Impossible Project]


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drumroll, please

i have some really exciting news that was brought to my attention by my friend, Suzanne – THANK YOU SUZANNE. if you had read my previous polaroid-pity-party post, i whined and complained and hemmed and hawed over the fact that Polaroid was over. you could never find their film again unless you didn’t mind over priced film or cheap expired film from ebay – sorry, ebay, i do love you, but not when it comes to polaroid film.

so, getting back to the point of my happy story, my friend Suzanne said she’d heard on the radio this morning that there was a little company (aka group of Polaroid enthusiasts) who wanted to bring back polaroid film. they are the Impossible Project. are you as excited as i am? hmm? and the best part is that they aren’t just bringing back film for the newer models, but (bless their hearts) they are also bringing back film for the older models, too…like a certain 1970-something SX-70 that I own.

i’m so d*mn happy that my polaroid cameras will no longer be sitting on my bookshelf like antiques, collecting dust, and reminding me of the all the pictures i can’t take. major major win.

[sx-70 + color blend film]


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