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birthdays and t-shirts and montana, oh my

i made this “logo” for my step father – for his birthday in August. he owns and runs Harris Buttes Ranch, just 50 (or so) miles south of Miles City, MT in a place called Broadus. i had this screen printed on a few t-shirts that i gave to him, his son, and some ranch hands. it’s not some earth shattering design, but it meant a lot to me and to him to have it made. i know he wears this shirt with pride (and so do i, i’ll admit it, i totally made a shirt for myself as well).

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summer camp

little known fact: i’ve been riding horses for sixteen years. so, naturally, when the barn i ride at decided to start up a summer camp, they asked me if i would design (and get printed) some t-shirts for the bouncy little campers. there have only been two shirts thus far (for 2008 and 2009), but stay tuned for 2010’s t-shirt. if i get my act together, i might actually get a design completed ahead of schedule as opposed to the day of before.

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cotton (as in t-shirts)


Pacific Inn Pub

(home to Seattle’s best fish and chips)




Nervous Nellies

The Sapphire Dragons

The Shanty Cafe

Speedy Reedy

J Toland’s

i worked at a local Seattle t-shirt company for two years after i graduated college. i did several designs for them (from 2007 – 2009), these are just a few of my favorites (and, truth be told, i’m not going to bore you with every design i made over the course of 24 months). entering the t-shirt world was a shock, to say the least. everything that i had learned in my four years at college had to, more or less, be thrown out the window so that i could re-learn photoshop from a screen printer’s point of view. so, if you need some screen film prep or color separation – i’m your girl.

i do miss the sheer randomness of some of the custom t-shirt requests we would receive. for instance, the ‘Chuck D Rocks’ t-shirt was designed for a young man who wanted to give a t-shirt to a certain lady friend of his. since our minimum order at the time was 48 shirts, i suggested he go somewhere else so that he didn’t have to pay for forty seven shirts that he, in fact, did not need. his response? ‘that’s ok, i’ll give them to the homeless,’ i couldn’t argue with that, could i?

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