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cumulus, artstravaganza, & sfo

it’s August 10th. the tenth, i say. can you believe that summer is nearly over ? not only will kids be returning to school soon, many ‘kids’ i know are just about to go off to their first year of college. wait, what ? and two months from now i will be safely nestled in my newly rented room or studio apartment in San Francisco. wait, what ?

so, i hereby admit insanity. i am working my tail off. i am barely sleeping. i am busily doing things like drawing (er, watercoloring) clouds for a facebook application (see above), packing my apartment (see below), and saving every last penny that i earn.

in the eight weeks i have remaining in Seattle i will: house sit, work two summer camps, work a music festival, house sit again, pack my entire apartment, organize not one but two garage sales (this is all on top of my daily grind of riding horses four times a week, working retail on the weekends, and lest i forget this little studio business i am continuing to breathe life into – for which i have two insanely time consuming projects pending). yes, i’m a little weary.

last week i drove down to Portland, OR (in a record time of 2.5 hours considering i was battling rush hour because someone may or may not have overslept her alarm by approximately twelve hours) to partake in a sort of flea market meets art market set up (in Blitz Pearl’s parking lot :: Thank You Jay !) for Portland’s First Thursday Art Walk. i sold a few pieces and a few prints, stayed up all night with a great and talented friend of mine (Thank You Jackie!), and drove home the following afternoon. then i left for San Francisco ’cause i’m crazy like that.

i’ll be back to the grind come friday evening once i’ve landed, gathered my keys for house sitting, and (hopefully) enjoyed a [insert alcoholic beverage here]. i’ve said too much, i bid yee a fine evenin’ from a foggy town.

[watercolor + digital application][one messy studio]


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toothpicks and scotch tape

[title of post] –> that is what i will require to keep my eyes from closing for the foreseeable future. when one’s to do list is not so much a list, but an accumulation of papers, scribbles, highlighter, sharpie, shorthand, and multiple pages.. it’s not good news for the part of your body that requires a little thing called sleep:

this is just a warning to you that i may make no sense for the next few days, i may be irrational and cynical, and i will most likely fall asleep on my keyboard again. it is currently 7:08am: i haven’t slept a wink and i’m due to be somewhere in four hours. i’m going to go catch some shut eye if i can, assuming that the damn birds don’t keep me awake with their obnoxious chirping. i’m so glad that they could fall asleep when the sun had set and could rise with it come morning. but seriously, those birds need to take it easy and sleep in every once in a while. good night or good morning, depending on which applies to you at the moment.


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