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amtrak No. 3

do you own a Holga? if you don’t – you have no idea what you are missing out on. if you don’t know what a Holga is, let me explain: it is a plastic camera that costs under 30$. the film is a bit pricey to purchase and develop, but worth it. it’s not like i’m out taking pictures every day. so, it’s a small price to pay for unexpected-happy-accidents which are what The Holga produces.

i bought this camera back in late August of 2009. to be completely honest? i was a little afraid of it. it was so light weight and taking a picture was so easy. i’m not talking about composition or anything ‘artsy’ like that. i’m literally talking about ‘the click.’ it’s like changing the channel on a remote control. it’s so fast and effortless and it feels like you aren’t taking a picture at all. then you wind the film and continue. it’s almost too simple, that is, until you take your roll(s) of film to your local printer and *wham* here are a set of pictures that A. you may not even remember taking and B. really? that little tiny click produced THAT image? it’s amazing. depending on how you format your camera, you can get 12 or 16 photographs per roll of film. it’s not much, but the results speak for themselves.

maybe i’m late to hop on the Holga band wagon, but i don’t care. i’m on it now and i’m loving the ride. i’m buying the ring this weekend and we are going to live happily ever after.

[Holga + 120 color film + ‘the awesome click’]



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amtrak No. 2

so, if you didn’t read my previous post, let me fill you in. i took a train across the country. Amtrak to be specific. the ride across the country was beautiful. more than beautiful. i’d call it breathtaking, but that just sounds so cheezy.. but honestly? it really was. i had two cameras on me and two sketchbooks. i did some writing and some drawing – but it was limited, trains are BUMPY (trust me, i’m still covered in bruises) and not conducive to quality line art. i took so many photographs. i was expecting most, if not all, of them to get developed and appear blurry and unrecognizable. oh i was wrong. i was so wrong. although my Nikon (sniffle) officially died after my walk in Prospect Park (in Brooklyn), it was a champ during the cross country trek. and my Holga? i loved my Holga before, but now that i know how to actually use it without wasting film (sigh), i think i might just marry it. that’s legal, right?

a Holga post will be next. these are a select few of my Nikon shots before my poor camera broke. don’t worry, i’m taking it to the doctor tomorrow. it needs to be in good form for my trip to Geneva in April. yeah, that’s right, i’m a jet setter. well – actually – i’m not a jet setter at all, but i’ll still call myself one. i’ll explain the whole Geneva thing later.

[nikon 35 mm + color film]



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