skbk anonymous

just some random samples of work i’ve done in my sketchbooks over the past few years. there’s far too many to post, but this gives you a general flavor of the work i do in my sketchbooks. i am obsessed with powerlines. not unlike the horse posts i will do my best to keep my powerline posts to a minimum, but seriously – i can’t get over them. i know i’m not alone in this (because, i’ve .. um .. done a little bit of research on the obsession matter). i haven’t actually come face to face with anyone who feels as strongly about them as i do, but i am still holding out hope that one day i will. i’m sure you’re out there, whether you know it or not.

[pen + colored pencil + acrylic + mixed media in various sketchbooks]



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Filed under illustration (both acrylic and oilt)

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