operation wedding

(the invitation)

(the RSVP)

(the directions)

my very first wedding project was assigned to me about a year ago (i think?). i had to design:

1. the Invitation (above)

2. the RSVP card (above)

3. the Directions to the Ceremony (above)

4. the Directions to the Reception (not pictured – see Design page)

5. the Place Cards (not pictured – see Design page)

6. the Thank You Cards (not pictured – see Design page)

thankfully, i was working with a great couple: Kate & Greg. Kate was a star, she was more or less a client one only dreams about, but rarely encounters. we had a few hiccups along the way (more due to the printer than anything else), but the entire project came out really well and Kate was really happy with the results. and to be honest, so was i.

she had these all printed on a big old school manual press – relief printing is what it’s referred to as. it is both professional and classic; my designs were fine before they were printed, but once there were printed on these old presses they really came to life. i think it cost them a bit of extra money to have these designs printed in such an old fashioned way – but, trust me, it was totally worth it.

you know that feeling you get when you receive a card in the mail? and you want to keep it out of respect for the person that sent it to you – but you really don’t feel you have the space for it and it’s really nothing that special since it probably came from Hallmark (no offense to anyone who purchases their cards at Hallmark and/or writes long letters in their cards like i do) – well, if i received this invitation in the mail, i’d keep it. you could just tell that a lot of effort and love had been put into its creation and it definitely deserved a place on the fridge if not – gasp! – a photo album or scrap book of sorts.

anyway. the wedding (from what i heard) was great and Kate & Greg were thoroughly satisfied with my work. i’m kinda waiting for them to refer me to friends. right? oh one can be so self serving when one is broke.

[hand drawn illustration + digital application]



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